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Capillary Schedule

What are the main stages of a Hair Schedule?

Daily our hair suffers several aggressions that leave it with a different appearance than we would like.

Sometimes the hair is damaged due to coloring, straightening, use of thermal stylers, but also due to factors that we cannot control such as chlorine, salt, pollution or UV rays.

When it comes to hair care we like to think that we are well-informed, but do we treat our hair in the best way? Will we have the correct hair routines?

Hair plays a key role in building female self-esteem and we all want to have healthy hair, so we introduce you to the Hair Schedule, which consists of a hair care routine that helps in recovery of vitality e hair health.

The Hair Schedule is composed of 3 stages: Hydration, Nutrition e Reconstruction:

The Hydration is the first stage of the Hair Schedule, and is essential for replenish water and the mineral salts for dry hair. It is suitable for all hair types, leaving them soft and shiny. However, it is not enough to hydrate. Hair needs Nutrition and Reconstruction.

The Nutrition stage is responsible for replenish nutrients and  hair lipids. Lipids are the fats produced naturally by the sebaceous glands of our scalp, which protect the hair. As we know, nourishing the hair is nourishing it. In this phase of Hair Schedule the hair will recover its  brightness and its strength.

Finally, the step of the Reconstruction acts on the replacement of hair proteins , especially da keratin (protein produced by the human body, which represents about 90% of the thread constitution, being responsible for ensuring strength, elasticity and resistance to hair fiber). A Reconstruction is an essential step to stop having brittle or porous hair, contributing to the restoration of the hair fiber . Achieve shinier, silkier and more aligned hair.

Click on the images below and check out the Hair Schedule steps for each hair type, with ours most suitable products: Novex Bamboo Bud, Novex Coconut Oil and Novex Brazilian Keratin.

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