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Affiliate Program

Affiliate is what we call people who work indicating and promoting the sale of products. Therefore, it is a process based on the promotion and sale of products, in which we will reward you financially for every sale you make, based on your performance and power of influence with your audience (followers, friends, etc). Each party receives a share of the revenue, according to its contribution.

In practice, and in a professional and safe way, become a channel between Embelleze Europa and other women, who, like you, do not give up being always beautiful, valued and empowered with our products.

Meet Embelleze

Embelleze, born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil 51 years ago, was elected by the North American magazine WWD Beauty Inc as the 72nd largest beauty company in the world! With products for all types of hair - from straight to curly, in its portfolio, it has consolidated some of its main brands of Brazilian hair products, such as Novex, Estilo AfroHair, AmaciHair, HairLife, MagicLiss, the Nutrisalon professional line, the SemperBella, for large surfaces, and now, the novelty of the skin care category, the BioSalut brand, among others

The Embelleze Europa branch was opened in 2010, based in Lisbon, Portugal and today serves Europe, Africa and the Middle East, operating in more than 25 countries.

1. #1 selling brand in Brazil (Nielsen)

2. Sold in over 50 countries

3. Pet Love Products (cruelty free)

4. Professional quality

5. Developed with natural ingredients

6. Compatible with all hair types

7. We have Vegan products

8. Multicultural: the mark of diversity

9. Present in Europe for over 10 years 10. 100% Brazilian brand

Squad Embelleze

Our relationship with influencers is becoming more and more continuous, intimate and with a lot of exchange. So now, in addition to the ambassadors, our Embelleze Lovers - who are girls selected based on internal criteria to make content related to our products - we now present the Squad Embelleze, bigger and with a new format ! We are thinking big and we want you to embark with us on this project that will bring you a financial return as a content creator in addition to likes and followers. Whether to professionalize you even more as an influencer, or to become an entrepreneur and turn this into a business, or to give you extra income through the commissions from 10% that we offer and reconcile with what you already work. Your time to shine is now!


Your stardom starts with a simple registration on our platform, through this link. We accept affiliates using all social networks, including Pinterest, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. To become an affiliate, you must have links that can redirect to our advertisers with the intention of generating sales for those sites.

To join the affiliate team, simply register on the AWIN platform, our partner and the largest in Affiliate Marketing. The entire registration, management, monitoring and payment process will be done exclusively through their website, with your access.

To do this, simply register with AWIN by clicking here.From there, you will fill in a registration with your data and voila! Your request will be evaluated by the Awin team and once it's accepted, just start creating links, and your partnership on SQUAD EMBELLEZE can start!

You must use the deeplink generator inside the Awin interface to generate links for a specific product - copy and paste the link for the product you want to use in the generator, select EMBELLEZE PT and the affiliate link will be generated for you.

There are different types of affiliates and ways to promote and sell products, but some of the most common types are:

  • - Cashback: gives end users a portion of the commission back when they make a purchase.
  • - Loyalty: offers end-users a reward for purchases made via links - typically a non-monetary reward, but this can vary between affiliates.
    Price Comparison: Groups a variety of products from different advertisers to give users the ability to filter and compare products with different functionality.
  • - Discount Coupon: mainly offers a variety of promotional codes, discounts and message offers for various advertisers.
  • - Editorial: focuses on content and engagement with an audience through articles, blog posts and reviews.
  • - Influencer: Promotions and ads run primarily through social media accounts.

The members of SQUAD EMBELLEZE will earn from 10% commission on the value of the products you sold! Isn't it great? Awin makes payments on the 1st and 15th of each month. If you have chosen to be paid once a month, payments will be made on the 15th of each month for commissions accrued up to the 30th of the previous month.

Once you have been approved on the network and have added affiliate links to your website, you can start tracking how many clicks and sales you generate on an advertiser's website. You will earn money as soon as the user makes a purchase through one of your links and you will be able to see this commission on your affiliate dashboard on our user platform.

It costs absolutely nothing! It is not necessary to make any kind of payment.At the end of the registration, select "Discount Code" as verification method, enter the code 5090 and that's it!

Don't worry, with the payment of the first commission, when you reach the minimum for the deposit to be made in your account, you will receive the money back.

You don't need to buy the product, just indicate it through the personalized link generated on the platform. Affiliate marketing works through tracking pixels. When a user (and potential Embelleze Europa customer) clicks on an affiliate link (i.e. from one of our SQUAD EMBELLEZE influencers), a cookie is recognized for this action. When the user completes a sale and reaches the advertiser's confirmation page, a tracking pixel is triggered, which ensures that a sale is recorded in the Awin interface. Thus, the influencer can then receive the relevant commission for the sale.

All the logistics that will be done by Embelleze. Your job will be to convert the sale, in order to redirect your audience to our website, through the ways we mentioned above. From the sale made, the entire procedure runs as it traditionally is, when a customer buys directly from our website. There's nothing to worry about.

Therefore, any error, difficulty or problem regarding orders, online store and products, must be dealt with our team, via email:

We recommend that, for questions about the platform and everything that is involved in it, access the official website of the AWIN platform, clicking here.

See our Platform Registration Guide. If your question is related to Squad Embelleze, products, our online store or something similar, please contact our team via email:

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