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Did you know that Coconut Oil is ideal for revitalizing dry and unruly hair?

Already longing for summer skin and hair? Shade and fresh water along with the lightness of this time of year? Well, we know how it is. The climate is already changing with the arrival of autumn, and therefore, care begins to advance until it is intensified in winter. Our body is the first to feel the temperature difference and hair is no different. The effects of sun accumulation, together with the hot temperatures, plus the humidity and the wind, leave the hair with a different look and care needs to be taken to leave it very nourished.

For this, we have a tip. Did you know that Coconut Oil is ideal for revitalizing dry and unruly hair? This ingredient contains an extremely nourishing and moisturizing natural substance, in addition to having a high concentration of elements that strengthen the hair structure, leaving the hair protected and resistant to external agents.

This is the line Novex Coconut Oil, from Embelleze Europe, enriched with the purest coconut oil in Brazil and Vitamin E. It is ideal to revive dry hair, rebellious and frizzy, maintaining natural hydration and prolonging the smooth effect for much longer, for those who have this type of hair. If that's not your case, don't worry! This is a chemical free product suitable for all hair types. This product also has an antioxidant action and protects against free radicals.

With shampoo, 200g mask, 400g and up to 1kg (curly and curly ones love it, because they usually use much more), conditioner e styling cream, manages to establish a complete care routine, so that your hair is nourished, shiny and very healthy.

Make a real spa without leaving your home, and with the certainty that you will have an incredible result, whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly or frizzy. Ensures natural hydration and absolute nutrition of the wires and, as a result, leaves hair beautiful, silky, disciplined and with a delicious coconut scent.


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