After all, what is the Styling Cream for? After all, what is the Styling Cream for? - Embelleze Europa
As its name implies, the Styling Cream helps to detangle and comb the hair, without the need for pulling or pulling out hair. However, the benefits of the Styling Cream go beyond its most basic function: - Helps to fight hair loss, as it facilitates the sliding of the comb and brush in everyday life; - Decreases friction during brushing, which prevents frizz and allows you to control the natural volume of the hair; - Allows you to texturize the hair while still damp and give it a wavy look with your hands (just "knead" the strands from the bottom up with your hands); - Being a Leave In, a product that does not need to be rinsed, it provides hydration and protects the hair from water loss and aggression from external agents; - Its properties can be "reactivated" throughout the day or even the next day, simply by passing your hands through a little water and passing through your hair; - It can accumulate other properties and benefits, such as thermal protection, against humidity or against the harmful effect of UV rays; Tip: Avoid applying the Combing Cream in exaggerated amounts and close to the scalp, so as not to increase the natural oiliness and not give the hair a heavy look. Ready to enjoy all these benefits provided by the Combing Cream? Novex has a Hair Cream for every woman, choose hers according to your hair type HERE .
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