This summer, use sunscreen on your hair too! This summer, use sunscreen on your hair too! - Embelleze Europa

It's summer! The temperatures are already high, the days are longer and the sun is very strong. All this invites us to spend more time outdoors, on beaches, pools and parks. And, all the care we have when using sunscreen to care for and protect our skin, should also be applied to our hair.

Neste verão, usa protetor solar também nos teus cabelos!

We all already know that it is necessary to protect our skin from the sun, but what about our hair? Do we also apply sunscreen? Hair strands are also vulnerable, especially if we spend a lot of time outdoors. It is equally exposed to the ravages of sun, wind and pollution, and deserves as much attention as your skin. Protect it from the sun and avoid dull, dry, brittle hair, and be careful, as you are more likely to have split ends and/or frizz.

Some of the damage caused by sun exposure, without any sun protection on your hair, are:

  • Changes in color: melanin, the natural pigment that gives hair color, offers us some protection to fight free radicals, for example. However, excessive UVA radiation alters this pigment, causing color changes. This happens to all hair types, although the damage is more visible on light hair, which contains less melanin. Attention! Sunlight evenly dries the hair and fades any artificial color pigments in the hair.
  • Structural damage: with exposure to UVB radiation, free radicals attack hair proteins, especially keratin, which is the main component of the hair shaft. The sun degrades this protein, opens the hair cuticle and leaves the hair weaker and more porous. This damage is more serious than the effect of UVA radiation. For this, you have an excellent alternative, which is to use our Keratin Refill from the Novex Brazilian Keratin line.

Now that you know the damage, follow these tips to face the summer without running the risk of having your hair damaged:

  • Avoid exposing yourself to the sun between 11 am and 4 pm. Being in the shade, on the beach, also requires the application of sunscreen (on the skin and hair!), as there is radiation through the sand.
  • Apply a product with hair sun protection when you are out in the sun. This product protects the hair from the ravages of the sun, sea and chlorine and preserves the color. Read on and find out what our suggestions are :)
  • Wear a hat. The most suitable are the wide-brimmed ones! Choose a hat with a material that allows the hair and scalp to breathe. You can also pick up your hair and braid it, comb it up, put it in a ponytail or cover it with a scarf.
  • Wet hair becomes weaker and more vulnerable to damage. When bathing on the beach or in the pool, rinse your hair first with fresh water to protect your hair from discoloration caused by the action of chlorine and salt.
  • Moisturize your hair to prevent it from becoming overly dry. Some hair care experts recommend using oils. For this purpose, we highly recommend our AfroHair Style Hair Oil, which in addition to having the protection factor, moisturizes, controls frizz and prevents split ends thanks to Castor oils, Argan (Argan) and Linseed.
  • It is recommended, from now on, to invest in hydration! Moisturise your hair once a week and when you expose your hair to the sun. For this, it has the Mask from our Novex Minha Praia line with sun protection that is even compatible with the Curly Girl method.It also has Coconut Water and Green Tea, which can be used to protect the hair from the sun, as well as hydrate when rinsing, or when applied after washing the hair, covering the strands strand by strand, in order to let it act for 3 minutes and then rinsing 
  • Products that protect without rinsing, which can be left on the hair, are the most suitable, as they remain in contact with the hair for longer than others. In this case, we are talking about our AfroHair Style Styling Cream which contains Castor, Linseed, Argan, Olive, Macadamia, Avocado, Sunflower and Coconut oils that moisturizes, reduces frizz and split ends, and leaves curls loose and defined. The frequency of use can be done every 2 hours and/or always after bathing in the sea/pool.
  • Last, but definitely not least: drink lots of liquids and, at home, after a shower, apply the Combing Cream from the My Light and Tasty Curls, which in addition to having sun protection, also acts to fight pollution, wind and excess chemicals to protect you from day to day until the next wash.

Now that you know how it works, which products you can use and why sunscreen is so important for hair, try to find out about the Hair Schedule, hair care routine ideal care for those who feel that their hair is excessively damaged and can benefit from extra doses of nutrition, hydration and reconstruction.

 Share this content and enjoy the summer with protection! =)

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