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Many have been the historical eras that make curly hair their hallmark. More or less defined waves, compact or super long curls and even curls without fear of volume are some of the looks that gave our past more freedom, glamour, beauty and femininity - or were it not for curls the most sensual and beautiful curves of a woman. Embelleze goes back in time and recalls in this article some of the trends that made curls the kings of hair fashion: The huge wavy hair of the Victorian Era During the Victorian Era (reign of Queen Victoria, between 1837 and 1901), hair was a symbol of femininity and a very important part of the female appearance - so important that there was no custom of cutting hair and long (and precious) hairs. threads were wound into extremely elaborate hairstyles and decorated with ribbons, feathers, or jewels. Hair was also a status symbol, as healthy hair was a sign of food abundance and economic and hygienic possibilities to take care of one's appearance. Interestingly, it was still believed that a woman's hair reflected her personality, and curly hair was the most appreciated during this time, with women with this type of hair being said to be sweeter and more cheerful. It is not surprising, therefore, that curling the hair was part of these women's routine, in order to fulfill the requirements of their height.


The snails of victory during World War II While men served on the battlefields, Victory Rolls helped women enter the workforce. Also known as "victory curls" (because it was thanks to these curly hairstyles that women helped to assemble the planes that gave victory to the allies during World War II), the Victory Rolls held their hair (with the help of nets , ribbons and scarves) and prevented women from taking breaks to fix their hair, as well as the long female locks from getting caught in the machines. The trick also made it possible to save on trips to the hairdresser and save on washing, at a time when there was a rationing of goods that we now consider basic. This more sophisticated, simple and practical style allowed the woman more notoriety in society. At the same time, and with the appearance of the pin-up models, the style became popular in cinema, with stars such as Rita Hayworth, Bettie Grable, Veronika Lake or Marilyn Monroe. The Black Power of Freedom in the 60s and 70s Who doesn't remember the mini-skirts, the wide bell-bottom pants, the long-collared shirts and the thick hair that proclaimed freedom to the four winds during the 60's and 70's? Hippies, activists, feminists and various African movements demanded rights and freedoms, and part of this affirmation and contestation involved the freedom they gave to their own hair. Black Power spread the beauty of natural curly and frizzy hair and fashion spread to all social groups and genders, including names such as Michael Jackson or Jimi Hendrix on the male side, and on the women's side Nina Simone, Elaine Brown, Angela Davis or even Oprah Winfrey - the well-known television presenter heavily influenced by mentor and writer Maya Angelou, one of the great voices of African American civil rights. The permanent crazies of the 80s Who doesn't have pictures of a family member with pads on their clothes, leggings, fluorescent leggins or voluminous wavy hair, throw the first stone! The perms, the hair without reins and the extra volume gave body to the 80s and the sky was really the limit for waves and curls (often forced with plastic rollers and hot irons) that reinforced autonomy, power, the strength and determination of the modern woman, represented in iconic figures such as Farrah Fawcett, Madonna, Cher or Tina Turner The present and the future have a wave for all tastes The confluence of cultures, styles and fashions that came to stay on the heels of globalization and the technological era, which puts all trends at a click of a button and gives all women the freedom to wear their natural curls (or transformed) according to your dreams, your identity and your aspirations. To give waves, curls and frizz the freedom, definition, nutrition and volume they deserve, Embelleze has several product lines specially designed for each type of curly hair: -Novex My Curls Line: Composed of Shampoo, Conditioner, Mask, Fit Ritual and several Styling Creams, this line brings together seven powerful nutri-functional oils (Olive, Argan, Ojon , Monoi, Coconut, Shea Butter and Moringa) and offers curls, in addition to hydration and nutrition, a powerful anti-frizz action and a sublime shine. - AfroHair Style Line: From natural waves to more defined curls, through thick and voluminous curls, this line offers hair extra softness, hydration, shine and volume control as it every woman. For this, the AfroHair line has a Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Activator, Curl Styler, Styling Cream, Humidifier and Creamy Oil Moisturizer. Novex Meus Cachinhos Line: Tested and dermatologically approved, this line was exclusively created for the specific needs of children with curly hair. It is composed of Shampoo, Conditioner, Curl Activator and Detangling Spray. .
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