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Much is said about progressive straightening, and its advantages and risks for the hair. Taking advantage of April Fools' Day that is celebrated today, we invite our representative of the professional products brand Nutrisalon, Beatriz Ferreira, to tell us the 7 myths and truths about progressive straightening:

Mitos e verdades sobre os alisamentos progressivos

1. All progressive straightening products have formaldehyde
Myth! There are progressive straightening versions without formaldehyde.

2. Progressive straightening only works if you have formaldehyde
Myth! Not all progressive straightening uses formaldehyde with active ingredient. There are other ingredients used to smooth hair more smoothly. Most progressive straightening is done with carbocysteine, an amino acid that opens the wire structures, which allows straightening to be done later with the action of the iron. However, in order for the hair to be smooth, it is necessary to close the strands again.

3. Using shampoo with salt reduces the durability of progressive straightening
Truth! Hair products that have salt in their formula, end up removing the effect of progressive straightening more quickly. To avoid this result, it is recommended to use shampoos without salt, which clean the hair in a less aggressive way.

4. After performing the progressive straightening, we cannot wash the hair
Myth! The hair can be washed from the first day that the progressive straightening is performed.

5. The progressive brush can be done on any hair
True! The result varies according to the hair, but the procedure can really be done on all types of hair.

6. Progressive straightening causes hair loss
Myth! Everything is related to how the product is applied to the hair. One of the basic care is not to apply it directly to the scalp. In addition, hair loss can be caused by factors other than progressive straightening itself, which is why a strand test is so important before applying it to the entire hair.

7 . Swimming in a pool damages progressive straightening
True! Contact with chlorine or ozone wears out progressive straightening a lot, as the hair becomes elastic and tends to break more easily.

Now that you know a little more about the myths and truths of progressive straightening, it is necessary to choose quality products that bring benefits and do not damage the hair at the time of the hair straightening procedure. The brand Nutrisalon has two professional lines of progressive volume reduction system: Nutrisalon Argan Oil and Nutrisalon Brazilian Keratin.

The Nutrisalon Argan Oil line, based on the nourishing Argan Oil, progressively reduces the volume of the hair after each application, providing healthy hair , without frizz and with incredible hydration and shine.

The Nutrisalon Brazilian Keratin line, based on genuine Brazilian Keratin, includes the exclusive LissRepairSystem®, developed to seal the hair cuticles and replenish hair mass. It progressively smoothes the hair after each application and provides a perfect, healthy, frizz-free smoothness with incredible shine.

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