Are you using a hairdryer or flat iron? You will need this protection! Are you using a hairdryer or flat iron? You will need this protection! - Embelleze Europa

Using a hairdryer or flat iron daily is an act we do without thinking too much, but with the rush of everyday life, we often forget to protect our hair. Whether it's to make hair smoother, reduce volume and frizz, or even not leaving the house or with wet hair, these small acts can damage the hair. But did you know that Embelleze has the perfect thermal protector for you? A Novex Armor Gold!

Estás a usar secador ou prancha? Vais precisar desta protecção!

This shielding forms a protective film on the hair that protects against external aggressions (pollution, transformation processes), heat (dryer and iron) and excessive humidity. It also replaces essential lipids that optimize the shine, hydration and flexibility of the wires.

But don't think that this shield only protects you from the thermal heat of dryers and/or flat irons, as it will protect your hair every day from the sun's rays, which makes this shield a great ally for the beach. Here are some tips to keep your hair healthy and with a fantastic shine!

Follow this step by step:

1: Wash hair with Novex Gold Shampoo and massage from scalp to ends. Rinse.

2: Apply the Novex Conditioner of your choice and let it act for 3 minutes. Rinse well.

3: Comb and apply the Novex Gold Armor. Finish with a hairdryer or flat iron.

Tip: The Novex Gold Hair Armor can also be used as a hair cream.

For an even more perfect result, don'tforget itças:

- Pre-dry it: if you are going to use the iron, it is essential, as very wet hair is more sensitive to heat.

- Don't touch the hair dryer: To dry your hair, the ideal is to keep a distance of 20cm so you don't burn the hair fiber!

- Temperature: Do not use the maximum power of your dryer, as it will only damage your hair! The medium temperature is ideal for thicker hair, and a lower temperature for finer hair.

- Use Novex Gold Armor: For relentless protection and a fantastic shine!

You can choose the different sizes of this shield: 200g and 400g, and for your travels, gym or even the beach, 90g! With all these benefits and options, what are you waiting for? Give your hair protection and a golden bath!

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