There are many brushes. Find out which one is yours! There are many brushes. Find out which one is yours! - Embelleze Europa
A brush is not just for combing. Its functions are extremely varied and include stimulating the scalp, helping to remove the impurities accumulated in the strands throughout the day, taking the natural oil from the root to the ends, detangling the strands after a bath or even supporting the hair removal process. drying with thermal instruments such as a flat iron or dryer. Thus, choosing the most suitable comb and brush for each hair type is fundamental and should require your best attention, in order to guarantee the health and care of your hair:

Wet hair

After washing (or soaking in the pool or beach), the hair needs to be carefully detangled with brushes or wide-toothed combs. We always recommend starting combing from the ends, in order to avoid hair breakage.

Hair drying

Brushes with ventilation holes are half the battle for faster drying! They also help to give volume and natural movement to the hair.

Hair separated into strands

The separation combs have a fine tip that allows easy separation of the strands for haircuts, hairstyles and chemical processes (coloring, bleaching, straightening, among others...).

wavy hair

Rounded brushes help define hair waves while providing volume. Thermal brushes or brushes equipped with anti-frizz (with ionized bristles) are also an excellent option, as they help to model the strands and fight frizzy hair.

Curly and frizzy hair

Brushes with joined bristles help to gently align the most sensitive strands. However, fork combs are another alternative to untangle frizzy strands, loosen curls and finish hairstyles.

Thin hair

The brushes with natural bristles and closer together provide a smooth style, without damaging or breaking the strands, and help to give the hair natural volume.

Smooth hair

Known for having a racket shape, these brushes help to remove volume and maintain the smoothed effect. They are also excellent dryer allies!

Fragile or child's hair

Brushes with soft-to-the-touch bristles are the most suitable for delicate hair, particularly the smallest ones.

Did you know that...?

- You should always start combing your hair by the ends, in order to avoid breaking the strands. - Wooden brushes are the most recommended for those who suffer from frizz, as they neutralize the static of the wires. - Ceramic brushes have the ability to retain heat and are the best option for styling hair. -  Large brushes should be used on long hair and smaller ones on shorter hair. - It is very important to always check the condition of the brush bristles, especially the metal ones, in order to preserve the health of the scalp. - To keep the combs and brushes clean, it is necessary to remove the hair strands that are deposited after each use. Frequent cleaning is also important, in order to avoid accumulated dirt and impurities.

Finish to your liking!

To give your hairstyle the final touch, Embelleze recommends the use of Styling Creams, which help to remove tangles and untangle wet hair; and from Capillary Shielding, as they form a protective film on the wires that reduces damage caused by external agents, including humidity and pollution.Sprays are also essential for good hair maintenance - to detangle strands and define curls, we suggest the AfroHair Humidifier; to relieve itching and combat oiliness, we recommend the Novex Citrus Fruit Serum; to control frizz and provide hydration to children's curls,  Novex Meus Cachinhos Detangling Spray; to repair hair damaged by the flat iron and the dryer and protect the color, we recommend the Spray Leave In Novex Keratin Brasileira; and to seal the cuticles and leave the hair soft and super shiny, we cannot fail to mention the Novex Temptation Acid Conditioning Spray.
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