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Learn more about the hair routine, the self-care process and product tips from Lu Barbosa, a participant in the #DesafioEmbellezeEmCasa that was first place!

The challenge was incredible, and you may already know from the super creative, light and very dynamic content created by the participants, which we share on our Instagram. Now they're about to discover, too, that they're amazing! And that's why we insisted that one of the awards be an interview on our blog so that they would be aware of everything about the universe of female beauty, from the reality of some of them. Every experience that involves transformation is our passion.

This space on our blog was a prize for 4 of our 7 girls. And the others will also have space in a live with us - stay tuned to our story! All this so that in this special month of Women and our anniversary, we can honor those who encourage and trust our work so much. Here, again, our thanks to all who participated!

Embelleze Europe: What was the motivation to participate in the challenge, with the before x after your hair with our products, at home?

Lu Barbosa: My biggest motivation, in addition to winning the wonderful products, was also the possibility of becoming an influencer and being able to form a stronger partnership with the tag.

EE: When did you start using our products and what was the hair context at the time? Was there any transformation?

LB: I've been using it since I was 17, now I'm 35. At the time, I straightened my hair, but it was for a short period.

EE: What connection can you make between the words Embelleze - Transformation - Beauty?

LB: The empowerment related to representation.

EE: Is the hair you have today the same hair you always had? If not, what has changed and why did you want to change?

LB: No. I straightened my hair when I was 17 because I was ashamed that he was "disciplined/messy". At the time, I didn't feel safe to assume my curls and their volume.

EE: Does your self-esteem depend on hair care? What are the rituals and tips you can give to help someone who is starting to understand this connection?

LB: Yes. I like to have my hair hydrated, voluminous and fragrant and that changes my mood. On my social networks and even on a daily basis, I'm always sharing self-care and tips.

EE: Which Embelleze product has transformed your hair? Is this your favourite? Tell us why?

LB: I love the Coco line. I like the nutrition and hydration it provides to my curls and I love the smell too much.

EE: How are you taking care of your hair and yourself, in general, in this quarantine?

LB: This moment has not been easy for any of us. In general, I have been trying to take care of my body and soul, I follow a routine of physical exercises (yoga, walking and dancing, meditation), balanced diet, skin and hair care .


EE: What do you like most about Embelleze? It can be beyond the products, see?! :)

LB: I really like the products, as well as this work of empowerment and representation for the multiple women we are, and I realize that this is very strong in the brand .

EE: What would you like to say to girls who have hair insecurities, or just haven't found the right product to take care of?

LB: I tell them what I've told myself for 18 years: look in the mirror, appreciate yourself, praise yourself, take care of yourself, love We are all wonderful, but we need to discover ourselves and be okay with ourselves. As for products, I always wanted to be a model and get self-care products, because when I was a child I didn't have hair products and my mother used to use perfumed pork lard in my hair and cut it very short. This messed with my self-esteem a lot, I felt very ugly, I didn't like my hair, I hated photographing and I wanted to be like other girls.

EE: Free space! Feel free to talk about yourself, share a story/curiosity, leave a message... Enjoy!

LB: My story of acceptance with my beauty standard, especially with my hair, started when I was 20 years old. A few years later, I decided to take a hairdressing course, and later, I took several courses in facial and body aesthetics. In the midst of this process, at the age of 22 I lived two long years of deep depression and, among so many treatments, healing through spirituality and these learnings about my self and how I saw myself as a woman, certainly saved me. That's why I say that I found myself when I started working with aesthetics and therapies, because by taking care of people's beauty and pain, I was slowly healing myself too. My notion of beauty and care has been transformed over these 15 years and I learn a little every day. Being a woman has many painful aspects, we need to be empathetic with each other, because we have many wounds in common and we have a huge healing power if we decide to share and take care! It's not easy to share self-esteem care when carrying so many scars from not having a good self-esteem, but I keep learning and I want to keep trying to help women with little self-care tips, so that it can make some difference in their soul/life as it has transformed me.

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