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Did you follow our #DesafioEmbellezeEmCasa? It was incredible and you can see it by clicking on our reels and then on “Original Audio”. You will be able to see so many incredible women who used all their creativity and dynamism to look beautiful at home, with our products. Now, you are about to find out a little more about one of them: Elba Rodrigues, who came in 2nd place! She shared tips about our products, hair care, self-care routine and all the experience involved in the transformation that Embelleze provides, mainly through meeting the best version of ourselves.

This space was a prize for 4 of our 7 girls. The others will also have space in a live with us. All this so that in this special month of Women and our anniversary, we can honor those who encourage and trust our work so much. Here, again, our thanks to everyone who participated in the challenge, and for the usual partnership!


Embelleze Europe: What was the motivation to participate in the challenge, with the before x after your hair with our products, at home?

Elba Rodrigues: When I saw the announcement of the challenge, I decided to participate! As I had started my new Instagram project about hair care, I thought it was a great way to create more content! When I looked more closely at the awards, I felt that the useful and the pleasant were added! It was the perfect opportunity to take a risk! Thank you for this initiative!


EE: When did you start using our products and what was the hair context at the time? Was there any transformation?

ER: I started using Embelleze products in 2015. At the time, I was consuming a lot of YouTube, mainly content created by amazing Brazilian women who used Embelleze products! When I found out they were sold in Portugal, I remember buying them very quickly and, after that, Embelleze has always been present in my hair routine to this day! The results appeared very quickly!


EE: What connection can you make between the words Embelleze - Transformation - Beauty?

ER: Embelleze came into my life precisely when I started to discover the potential of my hair little by little! It was with Embelleze products that I started putting into practice many new techniques that I was learning through YouTube, Instagram, etc. I can say that all this combination (new care + recommended products) contributed significantly to the transformation of my hair and consequently to my self-esteem! Without a doubt, Embelleze contributed a lot to my hair transformation!


EE: Is the hair you have today the same hair you always had? If not, what changed and why did you want to change?

ER: I have never subjected my hair to straightening or chemical processes that would make me go through a hair transition.The hair I have today is 100% natural (color, texture, etc) but its appearance and health have changed a lot since I started taking the right care and using the products it needed! It's amazing how this really makes a difference to our hair!


EE: Does your self-esteem depend on hair care? What are the rituals and tips you can give to help someone who is starting to understand this connection?

ER: My hair is, without a doubt, the physical trait that I like and esteem the most about myself! I have a consistent hair routine and I think this is the secret! For all people who would like to start having more (proper) hair care, the best tip is: KNOW YOUR HAIR! Knowing our hair, what it likes to receive and what it needs to receive (care, products etc) is 70% of the process done! The rest is consistency in the hair routine. Try, experiment and experiment again, until we find the right measure of each care, each product! Each hair is a hair. What works for some doesn't work for others, that's why it's essential to know OUR hair!


EE: Which Embelleze product has transformed your hair? Is this your favourite? Tell us why?

ER: I think it's not just a product that transforms your hair, but all the techniques you apply and the set of products that are part of your routine. Without a doubt, I have several products that I consider indispensable in my hair routine! Examples of this are the shaving cream from the "Meus Cachos de Cinema" range and mine Gelatin "Safe Everything" for the definition and nutrition they provide to my hair, not to mention the smell! They are a foolproof formula for me! My favorites!


EE: How are you taking care of your hair and yourself, in general, in this quarantine?

ER: I love taking care of my hair! For me, taking care of my curls is synonymous with pampering myself! Relaxation and self-care.

It has also been a way to abstract myself from everything (less good) that we are experiencing!


EE: What do you like most about Embelleze? It can be beyond the products, see?! :)

ER: Everyone who knows me knows that I love Embelleze products, but there is something that fascinates me as much as that: your service and friendliness! I have always been very well attended by the Embelleze team, very helpful and friendly! The organization of the site and the way they are present on social networks make all the difference! Congratulations for all this! 


EE: What would you like to say to girls who have hair insecurities, or just haven't found the right product to take care of?

ER: Don't give up! It took me years to accept/like my natural hair. As well as finding the right techniques and the right products for my hair. It's a slow process sometimes, but it's worth it! There are no "unresolved" or "ugly" hairs! There are, yes, people who still haven't found the right direction for their wonderful hair! 


EE: Free space! Feel free to talk about yourself, share a story/curiosity, leave a message...Enjoy!

MR: I want to take the opportunity to promote the work I have been developing on my Instagram and YouTube about hair care! You can follow everything on my Instagram: @elbirodriguees (Elba Rodrigues); and on my YouTube channel: Elba Rodrigues!

Thanks also to Embelleze for the initiative of this Challenge and to all the people who voted for me during the voting days! Without you, I wouldn't be answering these questions today! I am very happy and very grateful for this opportunity! Thank you all and always remember: IT'S NOT JUST A HAIR!

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