And the Top Innovation award goes to… Novex Dr. Hemp! 🏆 And the Top Innovation award goes to… Novex Dr. Hemp! 🏆 - Embelleze Europa

1 is not enough, 2 is good and 3 is too much! This was our 3rd consecutive award at @topbelezapremio. Still don't know what it's about? TOP BEAUTY is the only award dedicated to beauty, cosmetics and well-being awarded by a consumer jury that tests the product without referring to the brand - the so-called blind test, which makes the evaluation 100% impartial and focused on the real performance of the product. The tests are carried out in a real context of use – home test – to assess the true quality of the product and the level of satisfaction generated.

This time, the new category of Innovation was launched and we had the joy of debuting it with victory! Next to it comes the category of Efficiency. In other words, it is a prize with double value, two messages in a single seal: EFFECTIVENESS + INNOVATION. And the line Novex Dr. Hemp is really an innovative solution to take care of your hair health!

With IMMEDIATE ACTION, this line is indicated to prevent hair damage caused by stress. It soothes the hair, restores a fantastic shine, promotes healthy growth, and also strengthens and seals the cuticles, forming a protective film on the hair, leaving it stronger and more aligned. Did you know that stress can cause frizz, fall and leave your hair dry? Because the Novex Dr. Hemp acts as a protective barrier against all damage caused by stress.

But after all, how was this evaluation made?

We explain: in order for the effectiveness and innovation factors to be evaluated, first, the 60 consumers evaluated not only these, but other different criteria from 0 to 10 so that an average could be calculated later - which needs be at least 6. Among these criteria are the qualities of effectiveness and overall satisfaction, where we obtained more than 8 values, with emphasis on our Armor Novex Dr. Hemp in both evaluations, all of them according to the methodology of the home test with regular consumers of the category, in context actual usage.

In a second phase, the innovative character of the product was evaluated, which includes its formula, its packaging, trends, etc. Among the other scoring criteria, there are also texture and perfume. Check out what consumers said about our products:

Shampoo Novex Dr. Hemp:

“Effective in washing, floral aroma, fresh, creamy texture”

“Great texture, foam, soft perfume, leaves hair silky and light.”

Novex Dr. Hemp:

“Within the first use, I realized that I could rinse my hair and remove all the conditioner without leaving my hair in a "paste". The hair doesn't get so tangled when I comb it.”

“Nice looking and smelling conditioner leaves hair silky soft and pleasant smelling.”

Novex Dr. Hemp:

“Very good mask! Very pleasant smell, very good texture, detangles hair very well leaving it soft, light, fluffy and with a very good odor.”

“Hair becomes luminous, shiny and hydrated.”

Armoring Novex Dr. Hemp:

“Shiny hair, very smooth, soft. Very pleasant smell.”

“Leaves hair shiny, silky and healthy looking. Keeps the shine in the hair in the following days”

Knowing that we were victorious with all these evaluations makes us very happy, as the jury was the most demanding of all: the public.And in addition, the recognition for the work developed with the Innovation factor in mind, is really gratifying not only for the proposal of stress-free and protected hair, but also for the special ingredient: cannabis sativa oil is free of psychoactive substances ✅

If you were wondering if you should try this line, now you don't! And there's more: it is suitable for all hair types (and all textures!) Brazilian DNA and made in Portugal and now, with the consumer's seal of approval!

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