From summer to winter: how to have hydrated, strong and shiny hair? From summer to winter: how to have hydrated, strong and shiny hair? - Embelleze Europa

We know how difficult and important it is to choose the right hair product in the face of so many options on the market. We also know that, in the summer, we redouble our care and choose more specific products for this season. But, as we have to take care of our hair all year round, the important thing is to make assertive decisions to keep our hair healthy all year round: from summer to winter!

Do Verão ao Inverno: como teres um cabelo hidratado, forte e com muito brilho?

That's why we made a selection with 3 very special lines, so you can have your hair hydrated, strong and full of shine. Say goodbye to porosity, get rid of the urge to cut your hair because of split ends, and find out how you can style your curls with the right products!


For hydrated curls:

To leave the hair well hydrated and at the same time nourished, it is necessary to have a combination of water and oils. Especially in this case, speaking for curly and frizzy hair, the products that unite these two elements represent the best for hair.

This type of hair also requires more product varieties and the hair routine doesn't end with the conditioner. Therefore, ranges that include options for different stages are valued, such as: shampoo, mask and conditioner, in addition to the other stages for defining and maintaining curls, such as combing cream, curl activator, styling gel, detangling spray and hair oil. . An extra tip: when you notice products that have finishers with sizes between 500g to 1kg, it is very likely that the product is excellent for curls, as this type of hair requires more product for a perfect effect!

The combination of all these products results in soft, hydrated and shiny hair!

Embelleze's AfroHair line is fantastic for this purpose. Check out all the products and their respective benefits on our website.

For shiny hair:

In case you ask: “Oh, but I don't have wavy, curly or frizzy hair... How can I have my hair with an equally wonderful result?” We have selected some criteria so that you can identify an equally good product:

- Having had a great and unprecedented worldwide launch, starting from Brazil, a reference in cosmetics, passing through the United States and ending in Europe;

- Being the first product of numerous existing ranges to receive the vegan and pet love seal. And the best: with 100% vegetable collagen, extracted from Acacia Senegal, a typical African tree;

- Be suitable for all hair types and have the shampoo compatible with the Curly Girl method;

- Moisturise, nourish and provide hair with an increase of up to 23% in diameter and up to 80% in shine;

- Be especially suitable for porous, damaged, thin and lackluster hair;

- To have won the Top Beauty Award 2020 with the shampoo, mask and hair cream, tested and approved by consumers, based on an evaluation in terms of overall satisfaction, effectiveness, texture and perfume.

There is only one product that has all these features! Do you want to know which is the famous line we are talking about and where can you find it? This is the Novex Collagen Infusion line! Enter our website and order yours now.


For strong hair:

What you need to keep in mind: before using scissors to eliminate brittle strands and split ends, consider in your research a product that combines Castor Oil, extracted from Castor and rich in Omega 6, Omega 9, Fatty Acids and Vitamin E.This combination leaves hair nourished and reduces hair loss, as well as leaving your hair nourished, shiny and much stronger!

This line, which specializes in weakened hair, is the Novex Doctor Rínino Bet on this multivitamin recipe to eliminate split ends and restore your hair health!

Ensure this injection of strength for your hair on the Embelleze website. With these tips, you are guaranteed all year round, from summer to winter, beautiful and healthy hair all year round! Follow @embelleze.europe social networks for daily content about hair routine, and take advantage of the free shipping on purchases over 10€ for all mainland Portugal.

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