And when we talk about oil, we can encompass a few types: finishing oils, oils as ingredients and consequently, our lines that bear this name for having a high power of nutrition. So here we go.


Starting at the end, yes. Finishing oils hold secrets for hair that is always shiny, nourished and aligned – for all hair types! Here are some foolproof tips for looking good using only this item:

- Just like the body oil we use when the skin is drier and duller, hair oil has this same function of resolving excess dryness.

- Promotes shine: also compared to the effect on our skin, hair oil acts to give shine to dull and lifeless hair. Especially for curly and frizzy hair, since, due to the type of hair, the natural oil is difficult to reach the ends.

- Controls frizz: this name is given to the famous “goose bumps” on the top of the hair or along the strands, which are misaligned and without definition. The oil helps immensely to regenerate the hair fiber structure by restoring the mass, leaving it with the necessary nutrients for an aligned and homogeneous result.

- Hair wetting: this technique, famous lately, consists of an intensive treatment that takes advantage of all the benefits of the oil to make the hair stronger, thus preventing breakage, in addition to leaving it less dry and with more malleability and alignment. For this procedure, separate the hair, apply the oil to locks and from root to tip and let it act for at least 2 hours. To remove, rinse thoroughly with shampoo or conditioner.

- Enhanced action: the effect of the oil can be even more effective with the help of a treatment mask, because sometimes, the oil alone does not do the job. Therefore, the combination of a little oil + your favorite mask (separate the amount you are going to use and add a few drops of oil to this portion – not the entire mask), will yield a 100% better result.

Our oil tip is from the AfroHair Style line! It is part of a super complete line of products for curly and frizzy hair, but its function applies to, as we said above, any type of hair. It finishes off your hair care for a hair fit for a Queen! Moisturizes, nourishes, controls frizz and prevents split ends and still has Castor Oil, Argan Oil and Linseed Oil.


And it's not just the oil itself that nourishes and healthy hair! Get to know our lines that have oil as their main active, added to exceptional natural ingredients:

Coconut Oil: This line is a great alternative to a natural treatment for dry hair, as it contains fat, vitamin E, which maintains the hair's natural hydration and adds shine to the hair, leaving it strong and resistant.

Argan Oil: Our line is perfect for dry, chemically treated and damaged hair as it has moisturizing properties, leaving the hair silky, soft, shiny, hydrated and frizz-free. This main ingredient is rich in vitamins A, D and E, antioxidants and fatty acids, which act directly on the structure of the hair strand, leaving it completely nourished, light and restored.

Avocado Oil: Our range, which contains this main ingredient from Central America, is ideal for fighting the natural dehydration of the wires, regenerating the hair as a whole, unclogging the hair follicles and thus giving it more growth and strengthening potential, preventing breakage This line also provides more moisture, being essential for dry hair.


There is no lack of options to take care of the hair, giving it lots of nutrients to leave aside the dryness, especially with winter coming. That's why you rely on our products on a daily basis and have a complete and powerful care with this versatile ingredient, the oil. Tell us later how it turned out!

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