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This is a special month for all of Embelleze and especially the Embelleze Women. It's the junction of our 52nd birthday and also Women's Month. Therefore, we make a point of giving voice to the entire team, so that we can share moments of self-care, beauty and empowerment together, despite being distant.

This is the time to stay even closer, and the hair routine is one of the moments where we can stay in tune. And, for this reason, we consider the exchange very important - both rituals, product tips and ways of use.

Take advantage of the tips from this, which is part 2 of the interview with the women who are at the forefront of various sectors of Embelleze Europe, that is, they are women who make beauty reach you, through our products. If you haven't seen the first part, click here to check it out.

Embelleze Europe: When you joined the company, did you already know and/or use the brand? What connection can you make between the words Embelleze - Transformation - Beauty?


Yes, I already used Embelleze. For me, the best connection will be Embelleze, transforming lives, self-care, passion for life. (Dina Pereira, Sales)


When I first joined the company, in 2014, I still didn't know the brand, but I've been fascinated ever since. For me, these words mean the power to transform lives, highlighting female beauty. (Ana Paula, Sales Promoter)


​I already knew Embelleze, but had never used it. (Clara Taranto, Comercial Online)


I already knew, but did not use the brand. Embelleze transforms the lives of many women through beauty, and it is not by chance that this is the company's slogan. (Luísa Pinto, Communication & Marketing Assistant)


I only knew the brand in the hair dye segment. The connection exists, and a lot. We do not sell products, but rather, we provide the improvement of self-esteem through hair products. With that, we transform lives! (Vanessa Carneiro, Logistics Manager)


When I joined the company, I didn't know the brand. Embelleze allows your transformation, through beauty. (Ana Conceição, Regulatory Affairs)


I already knew and had used it, but it wasn't part of my hair routine yet. The connection I make today between these words is that the transformation of women's beauty can, and must!, pass through Embelleze. We want to take this to the whole world! (Karla Passeri, Communications & Marketing Manager)


EE: When you started using our products, what was the hair context at the time? Was there any transformation? If so, did Embelleze help in this process?


Yes, I was a fan of keratin refill, I was a fan of Nutrilizz. That is, anything to lose volume and recover the hair, because I have bleached hair. (Dina Pereira, Sales)


At the time, my hair was lacking definition, lifeless and a little dehydrated. I remember that I used a product that, in the meantime, discontinued, SOS Cachy, which I loved. With the Argan mask, I immediately noticed a huge difference in the hair: more definition, softness, ease of detangling and much more hydrated. The feeling I had at the time was that Embelleze would be an ally for life, as my hair loved most of the products I was trying on. (Ana Paula, Sales Promoter)


It's funny that I've never been much for taking care of my hair at home I've been dyeing my hair for a few years, but I just did the basics: shampoo, conditioner and, once a month (and look!), I wore a mask. Last year I decided to lighten it again, but after using henna, my hair looked awful! It was elastic, weak and brittle. That's when I started using Novex masks at home, and I varied between these: Bamboo Shoot, Olive Oil and To Bombar - saved my hair! I didn't do anything at the salon, I didn't go to fix it, I didn't moisturize... It was all with Novex and, in a month, my hair was already healthier! 😍  (Clara Taranto, Commercial Online)


I lived in a country where we had to use a filter in the shower because the water was desalinated and my hair was falling out too much. I was super worried, I took vitamins and, here in Portugal, my hair kept falling out. When I started using Embelleze products, I started to feel my hair stronger and, now, it falls out much less (besides the delicious smell that stays in the hair)!! (Luísa Pinto, Assistant Communication & Marketing)


Super improvement! Here in Portugal, my hair, which is sooooo fine, turned to straw. With our products, it has improved.  (Vanessa Carneiro, Logistics Manager)


Weak and poorly hydrated hair. With Embelleze products, the hair became more beautiful and healthy. (Ana Conceição, Regulatory Affairs)


I was in the hair transition phase, and the transformation was remarkable. A great asset at this delicate moment with regard to female self-esteem. (Karla Passeri, Communications & Marketing Manager) 


EE: Which Embelleze product has transformed your hair? Is this your favourite? Tell us why?


Nutrilizz and Keratin recharge. (Dina Pereira, Sales)


It's hard to choose just one, there are so many. But on top of the top the Shield, for its breadth of benefits it brings to my hair. I like to use it whenever I straighten my hair, or even to use it as a simple leave-in, it's phenomenal. (Ana Paula, Sales Promoter)


I use shampoo and conditioner Pra Bombar Café and sometimes also the Pra Bombar solution - and I've already seen a big difference in size. But I think my favorite is the Bamboo Shoot mask, the smell is delicious and it helped my hair get longer strong and less damaged. (Clara Taranto, Comercial Online)


I've only tried Doctor Castor so far. And like! But I already want to try several others! (Luísa Pinto, Communication & Marketing Assistant)


I have two: Bamboo Shampoo and For Bombar Café, are ideal for my hair type. (Vanessa Carneiro, Logistics Manager)


Novex Coconut Oil, my favorite. The hair is soft and nourished, and the fragrance is super pleasant.(Ana Conceição, Regulatory Affairs)


Styling cream Novex Santo Black Powerful which, yes, is my favorite! It leaves my hair the way I like it, in addition to being super fragrant (Karla Passeri, Communication & Marketing Manager)


EE: How are you taking care of your hair and yourself, in general, in this quarantine?


My hair is a little damaged at the ends, but I'm taking normal care. (Dina Pereira, Sales)


In quarantine, I always try to keep the routine at all levels, and hair is no exception. Right now, I use shampoo and conditioner Novex My Movie Curls and Super Aloe Vera Mask; sometimes I alternate with Coconut Shampoo which I also love, I always finish with CPP or shield. (Ana Paula, Sales Promoter)


​I continue with my care routines, both body and hair. I do my skincare, exercise, wear my masks when I wash my hair and drink lots of water 😊 (Clara Taranto, Comercial Online)


I've been washing my hair every two days, practically (with a day of margin), I always wash it with shampoo, mask and conditioner. I even gave it a little cut at home, to change something! (Luísa Pinto, Communication & Marketing Assistant)


I continue with my routine: I wash every day and, once a week, I use a 10-minute hydration mask - I try to follow the schedule steps. (Vanessa Carneiro, Logistics Manager)


Our relationship (me with my hair) improved during the quarantine 😊  (Ana Conceição, Regulatory Affairs)


In a more careful way, really. I recognize the privileges I have in this quarantine, but we know that any of us can be affected by this very complicated period for the world stage. Therefore, taking care of myself is an act of love, it is an increasingly necessary care. (Karla Passeri, Communications & Marketing Manager) 


EE: Does your self-esteem depend on hair care? What are the rituals and tips you can give to help someone who is starting to understand this connection?


Without a doubt, yes, fundamental in my self-esteem, in the way I present myself to clients. Above all, take good care of the hair, as hair is increasingly subjected to aggressive, chemical processes. Replace what we take from you daily. Curly hair today takes on its natural, fantastic appearance. Embelleze helped a lot in this trend, I speak in our market, with fantastic products. (Dina Pereira, Commercial)


Yes, self-esteem involves hair care, because hair is the frame of our face. My ritual is to give what the hair asks for, because depending on the season or even the chemical transformations I do, namely coloring, it always requires more careful care. Therefore, I choose to vary mainly in the masks I choose, so that I can provide the necessary ingredients for the hair's needs.Switch between hydration and nutrition and, from time to time, use a reconstruction mask such as Keratin In my opinion, the ideal is never to jump none of the steps:  shampoo, mask, conditioner and finisher - and, above all, vary. (Ana Paula, Sales Promoter)


Without a doubt! Self-esteem is up there on a Good Hair Day, huh? We can look sleepy, tired, but if the hair is arranged, it creates the perfect frame to disguise all this. I don't have a lot of rituals, but using masks (and taking turns between them) is what gave me the most results. I also use shaving cream every time after showering to help detangle without causing damage. (Clara Taranto, Comercial Online)


In this quarantine, just the act of washing your hair is already a little beauty ritual of mine. Washing my hair really transforms my day. And then, whenever I wash, I exfoliate my face, apply some perfume after the shower because I LOVE feeling fragrant, and the smell of hair + perfume is a combo for me to feel good all day long. I've always loved my hair and because of that, I love taking care of it. When I was falling down a lot, I was really worried and sad, because the part I love the most about myself was weak. Recovering the strength of my hair and seeing it stronger has been a gift for my self-esteem (and sometimes we don't even realize we need it, but we need it a lot!) (Luísa Pinto, Communication & Marketing Assistant)


Without a doubt, it is my "Achilles heel". I have a family history of female alopecia, I do plasma therapy hair treatments, vitamin complexes and manipulated tonics. Tips: much love and care, hair is part of our personal business card. (Vanessa Carneiro, Logistics Manager)

Yes, a lot! Taking care of ourselves also involves taking care of our hair, we need to dedicate time. Leave the masks on for 10 minutes, be careful when rinsing your hair after showering, use a comb suitable for your hair type, use the right products according to the needs of your hair at the time, knowing that needs vary. (Ana Conceição, Regulatory Affairs)


Yes. Hair is very important to me. Not necessarily from being wonderful on a daily basis. He doesn't need to look amazing every day, but I like to feel good about him, no matter what. That's why my favorite ritual is to understand how I'm feeling and understand that the "face frame" can have everything to do with it. (Karla Passeri, Communications & Marketing Manager)


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