Did you know that hands are the main routes of transmission of microorganisms through direct contact (skin to skin) or indirect (touching contaminated objects and surfaces)? They can transfer from one surface to another without us having any control, no matter how clean it seems. Thus, hand hygiene is essential for both prevention and health maintenance - and it also inhibits the growth of bacteria on the skin of the hands. In other words: it is not only a corrective measure, but also a preventive one, avoiding the contamination of both bacteria and viruses.

Decreto de higiene total pela Embelleze Europa

We have therefore prepared this article on the benefits of gel alcohol for your hygiene and health, as well as tips on how to use it and important recommendations.

Hygiene measures are rules that we must always adopt, regardless of the global context. However, in current times, in the face of a pandemic scenario, we need to strengthen these measures to preserve our lives and, consequently, the lives of all of us, as a society. In this sense, the use of gel alcohol as an antiseptic is considered one of the best options for hand hygiene, as it quickly and effectively reduces the number of bacteria present on the skin.

With that in mind, Embelleze decided to enact the State of Total Hygiene! Transforming lives is our motivation and, with this in mind, we launched our brand Embelleze Biosalut, to act on skin and body hygiene. We have expanded our horizons beyond hair care and, now, we will take care of transforming lives in a new category: that of skin care (skin care), starting with the so essential gel alcohol. Embelleze BioSalut is ready to enter the lives of all people who value skin and body care, in the daily life of this new normality that has established itself and will establish itself in the post-pandemic scenario .

BIOSALUT ALCOHOL IN ANTISEPTIC GEL is the first release of this brand, in 100ml and 200ml sizes – discreet, practical and ideal to be carried with you in your suitcase, pocket, in the car, and to keep in any day-to-day environment. In addition to sanitizing and protecting against everyday impurities, it provides softness to the hands thanks to the Aloe Vera ingredient, which has soothing and moisturizing properties that combat the aggressiveness of the antimicrobial action of ethanol on the skin. Thus, it helps to keep it hydrated without drying it out, which could be caused by the use of gel alcohol frequently. The use of this product becomes a fundamental resource in the absence of access to water and soap to wash your hands.


Apply to hands and rub lightly until the product is completely absorbed. Don't forget to spread the gel or solution between your fingers, palms and around your hands and under your nails. Wait for your hands to dry.

Repeat as many times as necessary throughout the day.

Duration of the entire procedure: 20-30 seconds

Important Notes:

- The amount will depend on the type of solution used and the size of the hand. In general, 2 ml of the product is sufficient.

- It is important that the product covers the entire surface of the hands and that they are damp at the end of the process.

- Don't forget to remove accessories, such as rings, before cleaning your hands. Under these objects, microorganisms often accumulate.

- It is not recommended that you put common alcohol on your hands, as it can cause micro-cracks, facilitating colonization by viruses and bacteria. Alcoholic preparations (gel or solution) are the most suitable, as they have emollients and an average concentration of 70% alcohol, which is ideal for bactericidal action.

- Areas such as the fingertips, under the nails, between the fingers and thumb are usually the most neglected and where some accumulations of impurities and microorganisms can be: pay attention to these areas too!

We are able to contribute to society with a product suitable for the new routine of most people, all over the world With Embelleze Biosalut Gel Alcohol, you have the best resource to combat Covid-19. What are you waiting for to buy your protection?

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