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Don't know what a hair schedule is? Or do you know what it is, but not how to put it into practice? Today we are going to clarify all your doubts and share a three-step guide to perfect hair without major complications! Come discover all the steps with Embelleze!

Cronograma Capilar Novex

1) What is the Hair Schedule?

The hair schedule is nothing more than a hair care routine, suitable for all hair types, with three fundamental steps: Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction.

The Hydration is the first stage of the Hair Schedule, and is essential to replace the water and mineral salts of dry hair. It is suitable for all hair types, leaving them soft and shiny. However, it is not enough to hydrate; hair also needs nourishment and reconstruction.

The step of Nutrition is responsible for restoring the nutrients and lipids of the hair. Lipids are the fats produced naturally by the sebaceous glands of our scalp, which protect the hair. As we know, nourishing the hair is nourishing it. At this stage of the Hair Schedule, the hair will regain its shine and strength.

Finally, the step of Reconstruction acts on the replacement of hair proteins, especially keratin (protein produced by the human body, which represents about 90% of the constitution of the thread, being responsible for guaranteeing strength, elasticity and resistance to the hair fiber). Reconstruction is an essential step to stop having brittle or porous hair, contributing to the restoration of hair fiber. Achieve shinier, silkier and more aligned hair!

2) How can I know which step to take?

Just take this test very quickly!

When your hair is clean and dry, comb and separate an entire strand of hair that comes out of the brush. Fill a glass cup with water and place the string inside. Look, after a few minutes, and see the result:

Novex - Teste de Porosidade Capilar

- If your hair has low porosity, it is a sign that your cuticle is very closed, so your hair is healthy. Bet on the hydration step to reinforce the texture.

- If your hair has medium porosity, it means that it is little damaged, so you can bet on nutrition.

- If your hair has high porosity, it is a sign that your cuticles are very open and is very damaged. So, you should bet on reconstruction.


And, to help you create the best schedule, we leave this table for you to follow after this porosity test, as it is important to follow all these steps to the letter for a better faster result:

Cronograma Capilar Novex

3) How do I know which product is ideal for each stage?

To find out which products are most suitable for each stage of the Hair Schedule, consult the table below:

Cronograma Capilar Novex

Now that you are more informed about the hair schedule and the most suitable products for each of the stages, you are ready to make your choices and start putting this secret into practice for healthy and full of hair. shine! But, if you have any questions, contact us through our social media, and we'll clarify everything! Oh, and don't forget: share your results on our social media, and tag us so we can track your progress and success!

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