Natucor has arrived: the new vegan coloring brand from Embelleze Natucor has arrived: the new vegan coloring brand from Embelleze - Embelleze Europa

For over 20 years, Natucor has naturally transformed Brazilian women. The brand, which is already more than consolidated, now finally arrives in Europe with a revamped look and full of novelties to inspire everyone to reveal all their nature and express their choice for a new natural, permanent beauty with a super glow!

Natucor arrives to renew and reveal the beauty of women (and men!) and also to debut our coloring category. The brand attracts people full of power and who love to reinvent themselves with a coloring with quality, safety and a lot of affection for nature and animals. Discover some of the highlights of this release:

Soft tincture that uses natural nutrients from herbs, flowers and fruits

    With ingredients coming straight from Mother Nature, Natucor takes care of your hair, providing the necessary color, in a super safe and non-aggressive way. Thus, you transform and still maintain your locks with a natural and light touch.

    It has a vegan formula

      In addition to being a natural product, Natucor is pet love, that is, it does not contain ingredients of animal origin in its composition and does not involve animal testing in its production process. With Natucor, you look beautiful and empowered respecting nature!

      No ammonia, no lead and no hydrogen peroxide

        As important as leaving your locks impeccable, it is to do it in a healthy way and without compromising the natural beauty of your strands. Thus, our formula is free of ammonia, lead and hydrogen peroxide - all so you have the security you need to redesign your look!

        Great for a shine bath

          Natucor leaves your locks shiny and soft like never before! In addition to giving color and protection to the hair, our coloring guarantees an intense shine so you always look stunning!

          Compatible with chemicals

            Natucor does not interfere with straightening processes such as progressive brushes. So, you don't have to give up your smooth and loose strands to give them the color you've dreamed of.

            Now discover the 8 color options to reveal yourself:

            Color 1.0 - Natural Black: The natural extract ingredient of black tea acts as a hair tonic thanks to theina, with stimulating properties, revitalizing the hair and strengthening its roots.
              Color 1.7 - Blue Black: The ingredient natural extract of jamelão contains vitamins A and B, responsible for the smoothness of the hair, and vitamin C, of antioxidant effect, which increases the resistance of the threads.
                Color 2.0 - Soft Black: The ingredient natural extract of blackberry is a fruit rich in mineral salts that nourish and restore the resistance of the hair fiber .
                Color 3.0 - Dark Brown: The natural chia extract ingredient is rich in vitamins and proteins that help the hair to recover nutrients that are lost during chemical processes.
                Color 4.0 - Medium Brown: The ingredient natural hazelnut extract is a fruit rich in mineral salts such as calcium and phosphorus, which nourish and restore the resistance of the hair fiber.
                  Color 5.0 - Light Brown: The natural chestnut extract ingredient is a great source of proteins that strengthen the hair. It is also rich in vitamin B, responsible for the smoothness of the hair.
                    Color 5.26 - Dark Marsala: The natural plum extract ingredient is an excellent source of minerals, essential substances to prevent hair loss and discoloration
                      Cor 6.7 - Chocolate: The natural cocoa extract ingredient is a fruit rich in calcium, phosphorus, potassium and natural fats, essential nutrients for the strength and softness of the wires.

                        Applying Natucor's soft and permanent coloring is as simple as our relationship with nature and healthier life should be: soft, light and hassle-free! Just mix it with drinking water to dye the hair naturally, without harming it. The brand's differential is precisely this: a unique hair color that values ​​natural hair. All this so that you can reveal yourself in the most natural way possible, respecting your essence and nature.

                        It is for all these reasons that you need to try it! Natucor is made for you, who even have fragile and sensitive wires and want to reveal themselves in their own way and do not give up a healthy life, in tune with what is natural. Check out our special page dedicated to the brand and reveal yourself now!

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