Benefits of Brazilian Keratin for hair Benefits of Brazilian Keratin for hair - Embelleze Europa
Did you know that Keratin is the main protein that makes up the hair structure? And that hair mistreated by chemical processes, pollution, brush and iron can have its amount of Keratin reduced by half, resulting in opaque, brittle and lifeless wires? That's why the Novex Keratin Brasileira line is ideal for rebuilding dry or chemically damaged hair. Because it is hydrolyzed, Novex Brazilian Keratin provides rapid absorption, ensuring healthy, resistant hair with an unmistakable beauty! What are the benefits of Brazilian Keratin for hair? - Reinforces the cohesion of the cuticular scales of the hair strands; - Replaces the protein mass lost by chemical treatments and transformers; - It is a photoprotective, restructuring and repairing agent for damage induced by UV radiation; - Provides hydration and helps improve the healthy appearance of hair. - Keeps the wires aligned, smoother and shiny; - Gives strength, resistance and rescues the natural flexibility of the wires. Watch the step-by-step video of the Novex Brazilian Keratin line!
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