Nourish your hair with the new SuperHairFood Cocoa and Almonds! Nourish your hair with the new SuperHairFood Cocoa and Almonds! - Embelleze Europa

If you have already read our post introducing this new line, you already know what superfoods are. In case you haven't seen it yet, we suggest you stay up to date with everything here.

Now that you know that this category is fantastic for hair, due to its optimum nutritional density, find out why you should include this one new addition to your hair routine.

The first and main reason will leave you with no way to refuse, after all, who doesn't want more nourished, smoother and shiny hair? Well, that's what we thought. And all this, thanks to two special ingredients: cocoa and almonds.

Cocoa has moisturizing and antioxidant properties, vitamins and minerals, in addition to nourishing and providing shine and softness.

Almonds are an excellent oil with an emollient effect, easily absorbed by the hair fiber, in addition to being indicated to nourish the hair, restoring vitality to the hair.

More benefits that these ingredients bring in essence:

- Perfect for the Nutrition stage of the Hair Schedule;

- Provides more shine and lightness of the wires;

- Ensure less frizz.

To activate all this potential in your hair, learn how to use each product:

Shampoo: Apply to wet hair. Gently massage the scalp. Rinse well. Repeat if necessary.

Mask: 1. Wash hair and remove excess water.

  1. Apply the mask, massage gently and leave for 3 minutes.
  2. Rinse well and remove excess water. Finish as you wish.

For more intense nutrition, leave on for 10 minutes.

Conditioner: After washing, apply to wet hair. Massage gently. Let stand for 2 minutes and rinse well.

Styling Cream: To detangle, apply to damp or dry hair, along the entire length of the strands. Do not rinse.

The result of all this combination is a hair full of life and very healthy, now a click away from you! Enjoy!


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