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Between games, splashes and tantrums, parents are often the ones who end up with their hair standing on end when it's time to untangle the little ones' hair! That's why it's never too much to remember 4 precious tips to celebrate Children's Day with tidy hair and intact patience:

1 – Choose the type of brush that is most suitable for each type of children's hair: Brush with soft-touch bristles are the most suitable for delicate hair, particularly those of the smallest. If your children already have longer hair, you can use brushes or combs with wider teeth or even your own fingers to untangle the strands more easily without causing pulls or breakages.

2 – Always comb your hair from the middle/bottom up: Combing your hair from the root can be a very painful experience for children. Alternatively, start detangling the middle/lower strands – once this part of the hair is combed, slide the brush from root to tip carefully to avoid breakage.

3 – Don't let the little ones go to sleep with wet hair: In addition to promoting hair breakage and dandruff, this procedure increases the appearance of knots due to friction with the pillow. So, if the strands are not completely dry before bedtime, remove the remaining moisture with the hairdryer.

4 – Choose products specifically designed for children: Like the skin, children's hair is also more delicate than adult hair. So, choose products that respect the skin and scalp of children, as is the case of the Novex Meus Cachinhos line, dermatologically tested and indicated for the little curls.

TIP: The Novex Meus Cachinhos line combines all the care of the Shampoo in one hand, adds the softness of the Conditioner in the other, and gives a touch of definition, hydration and sparkling shine. to your princess curls with the Curl Activator and the Detangling Spray.

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